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World Bank Group to demand bailouts amidst global depopulation scam?

Bank on Human Rights at the World Bank Spring Meetings, April 2014. (Photo Credit: International Accountability Project/Flickr)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Shockingly according to reports, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have both warned that the Ebola outbreak may have been grossly underestimated opening the door for the deaths of up to 1.4 million people by mid-January in the Ebola stricken regions of Sierra Leone and Liberia alone. And that’s not to mention the problems Spain and America may soon be facing, potentially adding to the body count. Moreover, CBS News reported on Sept. 23. “that the true death toll for Liberia, the hardest-hit nation in the outbreak, may never be known, since many bodies of Ebola victims in a crowded slum in the capital, Monrovia, have simply been thrown into nearby rivers.”

However, back in the U.S., President Barack Obama and his administration have already failed the American people and have written us off as dead as inbound air travel from Ebola infested countries continues full steam ahead.

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Join The Call-In Targeting The World Bank




We’re staging a call-in on Thursday, October 9, in support of an international day of action against the World Bank.

From 2–4pm call in to the World Bank press office and keep them talking for as long as possible.

We will effectively grind their operations to a halt during the lead up to their annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on Friday October 10th.

When to call: Thursday October 9th, between 2–4pm (Eastern Time)

Press Office Phone Numbers:

  • General Inquiries, (202) 473-1000
  • Hotline for Journalists, (202) 473-7660
  • News Bureau, (202) 473-7660
  • David Theis, Chief of Media, (202) 458-8626
  • Frederick Lawrence Jones, Senior Communications Officer, (202) 473-9336
  • Yoko Kobayashi, Communications Officer, (202) 458-2624
  • Huma Imtiaz , (Print/Wires/Online), (202) 473-2409
  • Spring Binsted, (Print/Wires/Online), (202) 458-2267

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Chomsky: U.S. Spawned a Fundamentalist Frankenstein in the Mideast

For decades now, Noam Chomsky has been widely regarded as the most important intellectual alive (linguist, philosopher, social and political critic) and the leading US dissident since the Vietnam War. Chomsky has published over 100 books and thousands of articles and essays, and is the recipient of dozens of honorary doctorate degrees by some of the world’s greatest academic institutions. His latest book, Masters of Mankind: Essays and Lectures, 1969-2013, has just been published by Haymarket Books. On the occasion of the release of his last book, Chomsky gave an exclusive and wide-ranging interview to C.J. Polychroniou for Truthout, parts of which will also appear in The Sunday Eleftherotypia, a major national Greek newspaper.

C.J. Polychroniou: In a nationally televised address on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States, Obama announced to the American people and the rest of the world that the United States is going back to war in Iraq, this time against the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Is Iraq an unfinished business of the US invasion of 2003, or is the situation there merely the inevitable outcome of the strategic agenda of the Empire of Chaos?

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David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS

David Cameron told the U.N. that “non-violent extremism” is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government’s disposal. He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.

If you thought Obama’s War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you get a load of this. Cameron is officially announcing the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.

Source : Activist Post

“The Terrorists R Us.” The Islamic State “Big Lie”


Under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council,  with president Obama chairing the Council session, the United States has called upon the international community to adopt strong measures, at national and international levels, to curtail the recruitment of Islamic State fighters.

What is not mentioned in the media reports is that the heads of State and heads of government  who have endorsed America’s campaign against the Islamic State, advised by their respective secret services,  are fully aware that US intelligence is the unspoken architect of the Islamic State, which is part of a vast network of  US supported “jihadist” terrorist entities.  Countries are either coerced into supporting the US sponsored resolution or they are complicit in the US terror agenda.

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