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Call for inquiry into links between senior civil servant Sir Peter Hayman and paedophile network in the 1980’s

Labour MP Tom Watson is to ask ministers to explain an apparent failure to investigate links between a senior civil servant and violent paedophiles in the 1980s. It emerged last week that Margaret Thatcher was kept informed of an investigation into Sir Peter Hayman’s “unnatural sexual proclivities”.

Hayman was implicated with paedophile material in 1978 when a package was left on a London bus. It also emerged that he was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange. According to the memo sent to the former PM, the security services were not told about the episode due to “administrative oversights”.

The package found on the bus referred to nine other people Hayman had been in correspondence with. A subsequent police investigation established that one of Hayman’s contacts “shared an obsession with the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children” with a 10th man. A later investigation suggested that Hayman’s proclivities were possibly just fantasies.

But Mr Watson wants to know why more vigorous steps were not taken. “I would like to know how it was that a senior mandarin with links to MI6 was able to rise through the ranks and have connections with people with a taste for sexual violence against children, and yet go unchallenged for so long.”

Lord Armstrong, cabinet secretary at the time, said yesterday: “Clearly, I was aware of it at the time but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it.”


Source : The Independent.

Margaret Thatcher warned of paedophile scandal, secret documents reveal

Mrs Thatcher received a stream of memos from officials about the “unnatural sexual proclivities” of Sir Peter Hayman.

Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister, was kept fully informed about an investigation into a senior diplomat who was embroiled in a paedophile scandal, newly-released secret documents show.

Mrs Thatcher received a stream of memos from officials about the “unnatural sexual proclivities” of Sir Peter Hayman.

The prime minister was carefully coached on how to deflect difficult questions about the affair after it was finally exposed by Private Eye magazine in 1980.

The documents disclosed for the first time that Hayman had been engaged in “sexual perversion” since at least 1966, when he was a minister in the British military government in West Berlin.

The 37-page dossier set out how the then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided not to prosecute the diplomat after he was caught with a collection of paedophile material in 1978.

It also shows the DPP never informed the government or the security services about Hayman’s proclivities, despite concerns enemy spies could have been blackmailing him for sensitive information during his time abroad.

The new information appeared to undermine claims that the decision not to prosecute Hayman was part of an Establishment conspiracy to cover up child abuse.

It said the decision was not referred to the security services at all, either because Hayman was already retired or because there was a communications breakdown between DPP and MI5.

“An attempt was made to contact Security Services [by the DPP] when the first police report was under consideration,” the dossier said.

“The contact was unavailable and his secretary said he would ring back – he did not do so.

“Later, the final decision not to prosecute was reached and the need to chase the unreturned telephone call was overlooked.”

Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet in 1980

The documents also said Hayman’s offence was not serious enough to merit charges, according to policies then in force.

The papers demonstrate Whitehall’s shock at its failure to detect Hayman’s activities earlier, and concerns that vetting procedures may need to be stepped up to prevent a repeat of the mistake.

However, it remains unexplained why Hayman’s arrest for possessing paedophile material was hushed up between 1978 and the publication of the Private Eye story two years later.

The file contains a memo in Mrs Thatcher’s handwriting to Sir Michael Havers, the then Attorney General.

A handwritten memo from Margaret Thatcher to Sir Michael Havers

On 10 Downing Street notepaper, and dated March 20, 1981, it says: “So that there be no doubt, I leave to your judgment whether or not you are interviewed on media or TV about the Hayman matter.”

Signed “Margaret”, the memo is the final chronological entry in the file which has been released to the National Archives, titled “PREM 19/588 SECURITY. Sir Peter Hayman: allegations against former public official of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects.”

Robert Armstrong, the Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary, said in a memo to the prime minister marked “Secret” that it was a “difficult question” why no-one in government was told by Sir Thomas Hetherington, the DPP, about the police investigation into Hayman.

“It would be better not to be drawn on this aspect in a way which could lead to the need for a further statement,” he wrote.

In the event, no questions on the Hayman affair were asked during prime minister’s questions in the Commons that week.

Another significant disclosure in the dossier is a memo from the Attorney General’s office which refers to Hayman’s diaries.

“It is understood that they were recovered from the police by the Director [of Public Prosecutions] for the undisclosed purpose of being made available to the Security Services,” it says.

The diaries were said to be “explicit and detailed records of his sexual activities and fantasies”.

The dossier does not explain what happened to the diaries, how they were examined by the security services or the outcome of their analysis.

Geoffrey Dickens MP who used parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter Hayman as a paedophile in 1981

Hayman, who died in 1992, was named as an abuser of children by Geoffrey Dickens MP and had links to the controversial Paedophile Information Exchange.

The case has been cited by campaigners as evidence of how paedophiles in the highest levels of government had their activities covered up.

Widespread concern about institutional abuse has led Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to set up a major new inquiry into how government handled the issue over decades.

The files show Hayman was discovered to be corresponding with an unknown person who had “an obsession about the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children”.

But no evidence was found that Hayman ever sent material relating to sexual torture.

Last December Scotland Yard announced it was investigating the alleged murder of three young boys linked to a Westminster paedophile ring active in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

The papers said: “It is clear that Sir Peter Hayman was already engaging in sexual perversion in 1966 when he returned from Berlin to the Foreign Office, and it must be presumed that he was doing so before that time.”

While Hayman was posted to Canada, obscene correspondence began arriving at the High Commission in Ottawa, they said, “apparently as a result of advertisements placed in a pornographic magazine”.

A member of the domestic staff was blamed at the time, it said, but “the latest report raises the question whether it should have been laid at Sir Peter’s door”.

It has previously been claimed that Hayman worked for MI6 and even that he was deputy chief of the Secret Intelligence Service.

The dossier makes clear that he was a career diplomat and not a spy.

The secret memo from Sir Robert says: “It was not the case that he ‘had an intelligence background’.”

Another document in the file – also marked ‘Secret’ – says: “Sir Peter Hayman was a member of the Diplomatic Service.”

John Mann MP, who has been instrumental in the campaign on behalf of abuse victims, welcomed the file’s release.

“It is important that these secret files are opened up, so this is potentially a significant development,” he said.

“We need to see more of them being released – in fact, we need to see all of them.”


Source : Telegraph.

Israel Launches Artillery Strikes Into Syria, Downs Syrian Jet

After two rockets from the Syrian side of the border allegedly landed in the Israeli occupied territory of the Golan Heights on Tuesday, Israel has launched an immediate “response” of artillery fire into Syria.

The “exchange” comes only a week after an illegal Israeli military air assault inside Syria that resulted in the deaths of top Iranian and Hezbollah commanders who were in the country for the purposes of advising anti-ISIS forces as well as investigating the coordination taking place between ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Israel.

As AFP reports,

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said Tuesday’s fire “appeared to be intentional.” He declined to comment on whether the fire may have been connected to last week’s airstrike.


A message on Lerner’s Twitter account said that Israel “responded with artillery towards the positions that launched the attack.”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel views the rockets “very seriously” and that it will retaliate to attacks.


“Those that play with fire will get fire,” Netanyahu said at a memorial for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


The military said sirens sounded in communities in the Golan Heights earlier Tuesday. It said that it had evacuated and closed a popular ski resort following the strike. No injuries were reported.


Likewise, a video posted by AFP seems to suggest that Israel also downed a Syrian fighter jet over the Golan Heights, but that the fighters had ejected to safety. The Israelis claim that the plane had ventured across the ceasefire line and into Israeli territory.

This is by no means the first time that Israel has attacked Syria in support of the Western-backed terrorists or even the first time that it has done so in coordination with them.

For instance, on October 30, 2013, Israel attacked and completely destroyed a Syrian air defense base in Snobar Jableh, Syria which is located near Latakia, a port city on the coast of the Mediterranean. The base was alleged to have housed a surface-to-air missile battery.

It is also known that Israel launched attacks against Syrian forces and military convoys at least four times prior to the October 30 attack.

As recently as June, 2014, Israel launched a series of airstrikes against Syrian military positions under the pretext of retaliation for a cross-border attack which was almost certainly initiated by death squad fighters whose logistical inadequacy spilled over into Israeli occupied territory in the Golan Heights. Given the questionable circumstances surrounding the justifying incident – the killing of an Israeli teenager by an alleged anti-tank missile – one would be justified in questioning the Israeli story.

While the occasional attack on Syrian territory is bad enough, the fact is that Israel has apparently coordinated these attacks with the death squad directors on the ground so as to provide cover fire and diversions for death squad “swarming” and jihadist invasions.

For instance, in May 2013, WABC host and best-selling author Aaron Klein stated that an Israeli airstrike in Syria was closely coordinated with Turkey which, in turn, helped coordinate the death squad attacks to occur at the exact same time as the Israeli airstrikes. The sources speaking to Klein came from Jordanian and Egyptian intelligence agencies.

Klein wrote,

Israel’s air strike in Syria today was coordinated with Turkey, which in turn coordinated rebel attacks throughout Syria timed to coincide with the Israeli strike, according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence sources speaking to KleinOnline. The sources said the rebels did not know about the Israeli strike in advance but instead were given specific instructions for when to begin today’s major assaults against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. “Almost the moment the Israel Air Force departed was the moment the rebel advance began,” added the Egyptian intelligence source. Multiple reports have noted how the Syrian rebels consist in large part of al-Qaida-linked jihad groups. The Egyptian and Jordanian sources described how immediately after today’s Israeli air strike the jihadist rebels used access roads to advance toward Damascus and began heavy clashes with Syrian military forces throughout the country.

On Sunday December 7, 2014, Israel reportedly launched airstrikes inside Syria yet again, this time very close to Damascus in the area near Damascus International airport. Israeli airstrikes also took place in the town of Dimas which is located close to the Lebanese border.

Reuters reported that “Residents in Damascus said they heard loud explosions and opposition activists posted photos online of jet streams in the evening sky and fiery explosions. Syria’s army general command said on state television that there were ‘material losses in some facilities.’ It said the strike benefited al Qaeda.”

Further reports indicated that the targets of the Israeli jets were an agricultural airport in Dimas and an import-export warehouse in Damascus. Both of these locations were under control of the Syrian military and involve supplies and food greatly needed for the Syrian people.

These targets, of course, fit in with the larger trend of both Israeli and American airstrikes in Syria in the past that have targeted civilian locations, Syrian infrastructure, Syrian oil refineries, and, particularly, food centers such as grain silos.

The attacks came as the Western-backed forces of the Islamic State launched a major assault on the Syrian air base in Deir el-Zour. That attack was ultimately repelled and defeated by the Syrian army.

While airstrikes are conducted under the guise of defeating ISIS, the fact is that these airstrikes have done little to even inconvenience the terrorist organization which itself is funded, directed, trained, armed, and controlled by the U.S., NATO, and the GCC. The airstrikes have been largely aimed at Syrian military interests as well as necessities of the Syrian people.

Some have speculated that Israel’s continued incursions into Syrian territory is not only an attempt to weaken the military forces of the Syrian government and support the terrorists operating inside the country but to cause Syria’s air defense system to light up and give away its concealed positions.

As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently stated, “How can you say that al-Qaida doesn’t have an air force. They have the Israeli air force.”


Source : Activist Post

Two reported dead in Belgium counter-terror raids

Media outlets report two killed and one seriously injured in ongoing police operation against alleged terror group in Verviers
Belgian police on a training exercise
Belgian police on a training exercise. Photograph: Guardian

Two people have been killed and another seriously injured in Verviers, eastern Belgium, during a police counter-terrorism raid, according to media reports.

The Belgian public television channel RTBF said on its website that the public prosecutor’s office had confirmed the deaths after a police operation against an alleged terrorist group at around 6pm local time on Thursday.

The station said there were no casualties among the security forces involved and that several people had been arrested.

The shooting at Verviers comes a day after it was revealed that a man had been arrested in Brussels on suspicion of having sold weapons to Amedy Coulibaly, one of the gunmen in the attacks in Paris which left 17 victims and three jihadists dead last week.

The Belga news agency quoted officials as saying the targets of the Verviers raid had been under surveillance since recently returning from Syria. It said there were several casualties and that police activity was continuing.

There were also unconfirmed reports of two other police counter-terrorist operations in other parts of Belgium.

Explosions and detonations reverberated in Verviers, near the train station, a witness told RTBF. Named only as Marie-Laure, she said a helmeted police officer told her to leave the crossroads, where there was a small blue van and a car.

Police vehicles were at the scene, along with an anti-explosive unit and ambulances. Three or four explosions and tens of gunshots were heard.

A press conference was due to take place at 8pm local time.

There appeared to be police activity continuing at the scene in Verviers, some 70 miles from Brussels.

Mark Eeckhaut, crime reporter at the Standaard in Belgium, said police sources confirmed that the two men who had been killed were jihadis, while it was unclear who the third casualty was.

According to Belgian reports, the suspected gun-peddler arrested on Wednesday told the police he would rather be in police custody than be targeted by Coulibaly’s accomplices. French police had reported they were looking for accomplices of the three gunmen – Coulibaly, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi. But it is not known yet whether there was any connection between’s Thursday’s shootings in Belgium and the French attacks.


Source : The Guardian.

Ferguson: A Highly Organized, Scripted Agenda to Overshadow the Executive Amnesty Announcement?

“Fear is a very powerful weapon, it catalyzes, it causes division, it can be used as an excuse to remove even more civil liberties. Make no mistake America, there are reasons the media are portraying this, in this particular light. You are ALL being manipulated.” (random comment I read the other day…)

History has shown that so many revolutions that many of us have cheered on over the years have turned out to be completely fabricated (or at the very least, co-opted) for an ultimate end game.

Let me start this article by letting you know (in case you didn’t) that every massive rights movement in modern American history has ultimately wound up infiltrated…

Every single one. Remember Occupy Wall Street? These things may even appear to start out organically, but at some point they get co-opted and steered by powerful people for a specific agenda. The question always becomes, “How long has this been going on?” and “What is the endgame?”

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Two Dead, Four Wounded in Shooting at Washington High School

Two Dead, Four Wounded in Shooting at Washington High School

Police in Marysville, Washington have reportedly confirmed an active shooter at Pilchuck High School. Shots were fired near the school’s cafeteria and students are locked in their classrooms, according to a teacher who spoke with KIRO. There are unconfirmed reports of six injuries, and a Life Flight helicopter has reportedly been called to the scene.

CBS News reports that three patients have arrived with gunshot wounds at Providence Regional Hospital—including one who was wounded in the head—and a fourth patient is on the way.

Between 50 and 60 students were in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting, according to witnesses.

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Technical Glitch Downs Bank Of England’s $110 Trillion Payments System

The Bank of England’s “Real Time Gross Settlement Payment System” (RTGS) – the UK’s equivalent of the US FedWire – has gone offline this morning due to a technical glitch, according to The Telegraph. RTGS, which processes large payments in real-time (including home purchases) between British banks – and processed GBP70 trillion in payments across 5000 entities last year – has been down since 6am London time (the fault was disclosed over 5 hours later at 1130 London Time). For now the largest payments are being processed manually and smaller payments are on hold.

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Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS

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US Vice-President Joe Biden has accused America’s key allies in the Middle East of allowing the rise of the Islamic State (IS), saying they supported extremists with money and weapons in their eagerness to oust the Assad regime in Syria.

America’s “biggest problem” in Syria is its regional allies, Biden told students at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University on Thursday.

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